Terms and Conditions (Notation based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law)

Operating company Ista Co., Ltd.
Operating Officer Saeko Miura, CEO
Address #803 Daiichi Kyoto Bldg., 499-2 Zaimoku-cho, Simogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 600-8146 Japan 
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Telephone Number TEL:+81-75-746-4503
Check-in/out 15:00 / 10:00
Payment 《Full payment by credit card before arrival》
For this guesthouse, please pay online with your credit card at the time of booking.
Cancellation Policy 《Normal Plan》
From 7 days before your scheduled arrival: 100% of the total amount of accommodation fee
Contacts TEL:+81-75-746-4503
※ Please do not forget the name of the guesthouse, reservation date and your name.

Privacy policy

Principles Ista Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Ista”) fully understands the importance of protecting personal information and considers it as social responsibility.
Ista will comply with all applicable laws and regulations concerning privacy protection in acquisition, handling, and managing your personal information.
Definition of Personal Information “Personal information” is defined as information as below that can be used to identify a particular individual.
・Name, address, birthdate, sex, occupation, telephone number and e-mail address, etc.
・Information that cannot be used to identify a particular individual with the information alone, but can be easily modified to the information that can be used to identify a particular individual by collating it with other information.
Handling of Personal Data In handling personal information, Ista will follow the policies below:
(1) Clarification of purpose of use
ISTA shall clearly indicates the purpose for which the personal information is intended to be used and shall use the information within the scope of the stated purpose of use.
(2) Restriction on non-purpose use
ISTA does not disclose customers’ personal information to third parties except in the following cases:
When the customer has given prior consent to the disclosure;
When complying with laws and regulations.
(3) ISTA will only collect personal information by appropriate and fair means.
(4) Ensuring Accuracy
ISTA will endeavor to keep personal data accurate and up to date.
(5) Safety protection
・ISTA will place people in charge in all divisions that are handling personal information.
・ISTA will take preventive measures against any unauthorized access to, loss of, destruction of, falsification of and leakage of personal information.
・When ISTA outsources the handling of personal information, ISTA selects the entrusted parties appropriately and undertakes supervision of the entrusted parties.
(6) Disclosure, correction, deletion, and so forth
ISTA complies with the following requests from customers concerning the customer’s personal information held by ISTA: requests for disclosure, requests for correction, requests for deletion, and so forth.
(7) Inqueries
ISTA shall respond to inquiries from customers concerning personal information or requests from customers for disclosure of personal information sincerely and without delay.

November 1, 2017
Ista Co., Ltd.
※Ista reserves the right to revise this Privacy Policy.